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16 Minutes of Fame
Season 2, Episode 1
16 Minutes of Fame title card.jpg
Air date May 25, 2012
Written by Richard Hollis
Directed by Robert Meyer Burnett
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"16 Minutes of Fame" is the first episode of the 2nd season of the Femme Fatales TV series.


Big Brother meets Ten Little Indians in a reality show house in which the iconic contestants are being rapidly eliminated from the game... literally.




Lilith: Welcome to The Hot House, where six celebrities with, shall we say, complicated histories live together in peace and harmony and resolve their issues like intelligent adults. Oh, that doesn't sound like much fun, does it? Perhaps rats on a sinking ship would be a much more accurate metaphor? Rats without access to cell phones or the Internet. No windows, and all the doors sealed shut, under lock and key, as it were. And we, the lucky viewers, get to watch them interact 24-7, as they try and figure out their, oh, so fascinating dilemmas. Unlike some other Reality TV shows, no one in this house was meant to get voted off. However, in the end, most of them did get eliminated. Where did it all go wrong? Perhaps we should start by meeting our housemates. Tina Hendricks. Famous for, well, being famous. Her father runs a movie studio, so she has access to all the A-list parties. Her line of face creams and body scrubs, Tina's Essence, was selling well, but her true claim to fame was – oh, you guessed it. A love tape. Lucky Starr. Cute, isn't he? With a velvet voice to go with that adorable face. Third runner up on Superstar USA. Lucky's debut album dropped last Spring, then kept on dropping to the bottom of the charts. Rumor has it Lucky was the one who leaked his one-night stand with Tina online. A guy's gotta do what he can to stay in the public eye. Roger Reynolds, star of another popular reality show called The Catch. Roger caused quite a scandal when he proposed to not one, but two women in the show's finale. And no, he's not Mormon, just indecisive. Roger was engaged again, three weeks later, to Tina. But they're no longer together. Bebe. No last name; just Bebe. She's our resident party girl. Mouthy, obnoxious, and rarely sober. In other words, a hero to millions with more Twitter followers than Charlie Sheen and Ashton K combined. And also the reason why Tina and Roger are no longer an item. Pecs, trainer to the stars and half of the world's most passionate love story. The other half being himself. And there's a long waiting list for Pecs' services, known as Celebrity Boot Camp. Because he's known for his killer workout, bound to get any Hollywood starlet back in shape. And finally, Angel Tomlin, the serious actress. The artist with the single-minded goal to win an Oscar before she turns 30. She has a way to go. Her last credit was Eat and Run, a direct-to-DVD zombie movie that you may have had the good fortune to miss. So she's a little bit anxious to up her game. And to do that, an actress's first priority must be getting back into tip-top shape. You got all that? Good. Because things are really starting to heat up in The Hot House.

Lilith: Angel was right about one thing. Bebe is about to become more famous than ever, now that she has stolen Angel's juicy role as the lone survivor of a crazed killer. As for Angel, well, she's learned the difference between fame and infamy. Life is such a bitch that way. There's already a film about her in the works, and rumor has it Natalie Portman is ready to kill for the part. Perhaps she'll get another Oscar, or maybe that honor will go to her makeup artist.


Episode Cast

  • Gigi Feshold as Bebe
  • Scheana Shay as Angel Tomlin
  • Joel Rush as Pecs
  • Joseph Slaughter as Roger Reynolds
  • Tobi Rodriguez as Lucky Starr
  • Tanit Phoenix as Lilith

Episode Crew

  • Directed by Robert Meyer Burnett
  • Written by Richard Hollis
  • Produced by Mark A. Altman, Carlos Castellanos, Mark Gottwald, Steven Kriozere, Seth Nagel, Aaron Rattner, Darin Scott and David E. Williams
  • Music by Joe Kraemer
  • Cinematography by Roger Chingirian
  • Casting by Sari Knight and Mandi Sherman
  • Film Editor - Robert Meyer Burnett
  • Production Designer - Krista Gall
  • Art Director - Eric Jihwan Jeon
  • Set Decorators - Karen Marquis and Chris Scharffenberg

Makeup Department

  • AnnaRose Kern - Hair Department Head
  • Regan Livingstone - Makeup Department Head

Production Management

  • Aaron Rattner - Unit Production Manager

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

  • Andrea Edmondson - Second Assistant Director
  • Wayne Pang - Second Second Assistant Director
  • Jim Simone - First Assistant Director

Art Department

  • Malorie Folino - Assistant Property Master
  • Alex Gabel - On-Set Dresser
  • Matt Hausmann - Leadman
  • Daniel Waldstein - Set Dresser
  • Dan Warren - Set Dresser

Sound Department

  • Matt D. Hall - Sound Editor
  • Michael J. McDonald - Re-recording Mixer
  • Shawn Morse - Boom Operator

Visual Effects

  • Damian Drago - Visual Effects Supervisor

Camera and Electrical Department

  • Jeff Conrad - Lighting Technician
  • Fazal Khan - Best Boy Grip
  • Steven A. Lundgren - Gaffer
  • Jacob Shanes - Lighting Technician
  • Langston York - Lighting Technician

Costume and Wardrobe Department

  • Courtney Arthur - Assistant Costume Supervisor
  • Allison Pokladowski - Set Costumer

Location Management

  • Kojo Lewis - Location Manager
  • Earl West - Assistant Location Manager

Casting Department

  • Morgan Redfield Smith - Casting Assistant

Editorial Department

  • Sebastian Perez-Burchard - Colorist

Music Department

  • Sean Fernald - Music Supervisor

Script and Continuity Department

  • Aprill Winney - Script Supervisor

Transportation Department

  • George Geminiano - Transportation Coordinator
  • Brent Wheeler - Transportation Coordinator

Additional Crew

  • Jessie Carranza - Set Production Coordinator
  • Josh Garrell - Production Coordinator
  • Jason D. Meyers - Business Affairs / Legal
  • Stephen Scarlata - Production Assistant
  • Jason Marc Schoener - Production Accountant
  • T.A. Williams - Production Assistant
  • Paul Zimmerman - Creative Consultant


  • Frederick S. Clarke - Special Thanks
  • Agatha Christie - Special Thanks


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