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"Lilith" is the ending song from the Femme Fatales episode "Visions, Part 2". The song was performed by Andra Dare.


I am the dream-child Lilith
Cloaked in haloed hungers
The wind sings with her fingers
Across my silk-fire heavens
Angels' voices sigh
And languish in my skirts

I am the blasphemy of flowers
Rife with tortured innocents
The sun loiters long above
My bed of four horizons
Fat bees stumble drunken
To and from me all day long

Pour it all, all over me
My soft stomata wait here
Still and unerringly
Each one a spinning succubus
Each one a promise to swallow
Your bloated dream selves whole

I am waiting
All alone
The years go by
The years are a horn
Silently bellowing
Time's mellowing

I'm something
Sweeter than desire
I'm in the flame
Licking higher

I am the only one
Who knows the name of God

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